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Bridal sessions: What are they, and Why are they a thing?

A Bridal Session is a dedicated photo shoot of the bride, usually conducted a few weeks before the wedding, where the bride dons her wedding gown, often accompanied by hair and makeup styling. With so little time on a wedding day, getting your bridal photos taken before your wedding makes the time on your wedding day more authentic and less posed. This also gives you the ability to have a more relaxed timeline, more getting-ready photos, and more documentary-style pictures to you. morning

A massive benefit of getting Bridal photos done before your wedding is seeing how your hair and makeup look in pictures before your wedding! Many people will book their trial runs for hair and makeup on the same day they scheduled their session so they can confirm that they like the style they pick.

What other benefits are there to a bridal session?

  • Getting to know and bond with your photographer
  • Getting a different location for photos that you may not get on your wedding day
  • Photos to have at your reception or ceremony that are not your engagement photos
  • A great way to add some personal touches
  • Who wouldn't want to wear their wedding dress more than once

Your biggest question might be: Can the groom come to the session or have his own?

The groom can come to the session if you are okay with him seeing how you will look on your wedding day. Some people take this type of session to do the first look. This makes the first look extremely private, so you are not trying to doge your guests while they are heading to your ceremony. Some people also take this time to do couples photos, so when your wedding day comes, you can get more time with your guests and, most importantly, your partner!

The groom may have his session to answer the second half of that question!

One last question is, do I have to do this before my wedding?

No! Not at all. You may want to do a bridal session after your wedding for many reasons! Some reasons may be

  • It rained during your getting ready period, and you didn't get to shoot outside
  • You were not happy with the photos you got( Hopefully not the case)
  • You want a reason to put on your wedding dress
  • You realized that your timeline day off did not allow for this.

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