Your graduating!

Congratulation you're graduating from Northern Arizona University!

You're almost done but there is one more thing you need to get done before graduating and you know what that is? Picking your photographer and location for your session!

Everyone should take a moment to celebrate and document their achievement but who and where?

Who is a harder thing to determine since every photographer has a different style and has different availability.

Things to look for in a photographer are

  1. How active they are on their social
  2. Their cost
  3. If you like their style
  4. Photographers will not change their style for you
  5. How long they have been a photographer
  6. The quality of their website

Location is an easier thing to figure out.

Every photographer has their favorite locations so a great place to start is talking to your photographer.

My favorites are the old main and the health and science building.

If you have spent a lot of time in a certain building that is also a great location to consider as well!

Hope this was helpful advice from your local Flagstaff photographer.

Happy shooting!

Old Main Grad Session
Heath and Science building Session