November 1, 2023

Session In January and February in Flagstaff

What Time Not to Book a Photography Session In Flagstaff

Please ignore this blog post if you are looking for those beautiful snow photos or are local to the Flagstaff area. January and February is the times to book a snow-filled photo session. Flagstaff is usually covered in snow from January- March. But please be aware that booking a session in these months could lead to rescheduling due to weather and freezing hands.

The weather is the main reason I can not suggest a session in Flagstaff during this time frame. I would not recommend getting photos done at the Grand Canyon during this time, either. Due to the unpredictable weather, your photographer could get snowed in, or you could be introduced to dangers and slippery areas. If you are a local to the place, this is less of a concern as it's way easier to reschedule. If you want warm weather photos during this time frame, Tucson, Phoenix, and possibly Sedona are your best options in Arizona.

The best time to have your photos taken in Flagstaff is April-October!

Whatever you decide to do, Flagstaff is a beautiful place to get your photos taken year-round, whether it has snow or not!