July 25, 2023

Six Month Old Photo Session

Oh my, Baby!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! You may have already done newborn photos, but have you considered getting pictures taken at six months? The first two years fly by, and getting pictures taken is a great way to have these memories last a lifetime. Whether you want to have family photos taken and use them as a Christmas card or let your little one have a moment all to themselves, hiring a photographer to capture these moments is always a wise idea.

When picking out a photographer, feel free to reach out and ask about shooting style. If you want very nature-looking photos, consider choosing a photographer specializing in candid photography. Choose a photographer to direct your overall movement if you wish to have a session that the photographer poses the shots more.

I do a little of both. I will give prompts but will adjust posses during the prompts.

When working with little kids, it's important to understand that they will do what they want to do. As photographers, we try to have kids have fun to get the most natural images.

baby with bubbles
6 month old photography