June 18, 2023

Bethany Hicks: Photographer

Flagstaff Photographer

Who is the photographer behind Newlookphotography101

Bethany Hicks is the leading photographer of NewLookPhotography101. She started photography at a young age and fell in love with creating images for people. Currently, Bethany is working out of Flagstaff, Arizona. She photographs Weddings, Grads, Families, and More!

The gear that she uses for every session is a Cannon EOS R8, a recent upgrade. Leans change depending on the type of session.

She occasionally uses flashes depending on client requests or if the lighting calls for flashes.

Bethany would describe her photography as Classic, Timeless, and Made with the Client in Mind. She likes to work with clients to create something unique for the individual. She hopes to help create memories and a fun environment during her session.

Below is a little timeline of Bethany's Life so you can get to know her better.

Elementary School age.

From a young age, I loved the arts. I participated in dance, theater, and choir.

High School age.

Dance is what sparked my love for photography. I got my photos taken often because of it. In high school, I was allowed to take photography classes, which fueled my passion for it.


With a strong photography foundation built in high school, I decided to go to Northern Arizona University, there is where I got my degree in Photography and Strategic Communication with an emphasis on advertising. I also got to really show in my photography skills and learn what type of photography is my favorite.


Now that Im graduated, I am living in Flagstaff, Arizona. I am currently working with couples and families, capturing images that are timeless and made with my clients in mind. I am also working on my master's in Communications in my spare time.

That's a little about Bethany!

If you think you would like to work with her please feel free to send her a message with a Session Request or Questions.

Email is Newlookphotography101@gmail.com

Happy Shooting!