February 21, 2023

How to: Theater Headshots

Newlookphotography, Photography

When taking headshots you tend to do the same things. Most people use two to three lights but for theater headshots, you can use one to as many lights as you want. The fun thing about these types of headshots is that you get to be creative. Posing and lighting will be the biggest differences between normal headshots.

Some things you should do ask your clients

What roles have you played?

What roles are you trying to get?

What type of roles are you normally cast for?

These questions should help you determine what types of images you should be trying to get out of your clients.

Most clients that walk into your door will have no idea what they want for their photos besides posing, editing, and lighting. You need to be able to provide these clients with direction.

One more important aspect of these headshots is that you are going to have very little amount of editing. try not to alter the color of your skin or edit the hair too much as casting directors need to have the best reference of what your client looks like.